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Thank you so much for your interest in test knitting my designs. I love watching a new design come to life on the needles of knitters for the very first time. I truly appreciate your stitches and feel honored that you have chosen to spend your valuable knitting time with me. I consider each test knit to be an informational mini kal and hope you enjoy your time here as much as I do.

BEFORE signing up please read the requirements below!

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  • I will accept testers based on my need, taking into consideration things such as size to be knit, experience and past performance. Knitting experience is not always a deciding factor; some of the best testing is done by people trying a new technique or stretching their abilities!

  • Being a participating member of Ravelry and Instagram is a huge bonus and a consideration when I am choosing testers - so please mention that to me in your message!

  • Once accepted for testing, I will provide the pattern and technical help as needed. You supply the yarn and the knitting power. You can enter it into your projects as soon as you start, and chat about it in the testing thread.

  • Please feel free to contact me with any questions while knitting; I encourage posting questions or comments in the test knitting thread in the Ravelry group "Monsterknits Designs" group, because it helps other testers as well.

  • I love seeing progress photos, not only because I’m curious, but because it gives me a sense of whether a design is turning out the way I have hoped it would. Once testing is established, progress posts on social media sites, such as Instagram, are highly encouraged, unless instructed otherwise. I also enjoy seeing testers’ yarn choices, so feel free to post photos of those as well!

  • I’m very open to suggestions, thoughts, questions, and concerns during tests. I really depend on your eyes to see things mine may have missed, so please ask away, no matter how small the matter might be.

  • Properly block your finished project and post nice photos taken in good, natural lighting on your project page…the more the better.

  • I can’t offer compensation for testers, but I will gift you a copy of the pattern you’ve tested once the pattern goes live - I wish I could do more, but please know I am very grateful for testers for sharing their time, skills, and yarn.


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