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What’s all the Buzz about??? 🐝🐝🐝


A bee-utiful crescent shawl designed to keep even a Queen Bee buzzing with excitement. This shawl mixes Bee themed stitches together to produce a plump and squishy sweet as honey texture. These fun stitches will make you a busy bee as you buzz along into the Honeycomb Edging that provides just the right amount of flair and drama making this a honey of a shawl to knit! 🍯


This shawl was inspired by a skein of Weathervane in Super Silky, which I couldn’t put down during a visit to my favorite LYS Knitworks Yarn Company while grabbing yarn for another project. The soft cream color is delicately sprinkled with hints of gold and orange and I couldn’t put it down. I immediately started a swatch trying out the Honeycomb Stitch and found it was the perfect match! It was then the idea to use only bee-related stitches and was buzzing around my head!!!


SKU: 34
  • My AMAZING Test Knitters have created some beautiful samples to inspire you!

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