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The Full Story

Once upon a time, Cally Monster stumbled upon a pair of knitting needles and, like magic, she taught herself to knit! It was love at first stitch. From that day on, she became a knitting machine, churning out beautiful creations faster than a knitting fairy on steroids.


Years passed, and in 2017, Cally decided to take her love affair with knitting to the next level. She put on her thinking cap and designed her own patterns that were bold designs bursting with color. Her secret weapon? Combining textures and hues in ways that would make a chameleon blush.


Cally's designs aren't just pretty, they're downright inspiring! She skillfully weaves in techniques by using unique stitches that expose knitters to new ideas and creates pieces that are as captivating as a siren's song. Once you see her knitwear, you'll be under her spell forever.

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