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Take me home… Country Roads


My fondest memories growing up were the summer I spent on my grandparents’ farm. I would spend endless days running through the corn stalks, collecting eggs and the jumping on the hay bales. It is here that my foundation was built. Country Roads is a tribute to the Monster Family Farm.

Perfect for fall, this top-down triangle starts with a simple garter stitch that works into a section of interesting mosaic knitting, stockinette, and more mosaic, then finishing with a textured slip stitch for the shawl’s edge.


The pattern is fully written out with charts for the mosaic colorwork sections. It is the perfect introduction into mosaic knitting, which only uses one color at a time while slipping the other color. The stitches used are all pretty basic, so it is a relaxing knit, but with lots of color detail to keep you interested.

Country Roads

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