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When I got the call that my dad was sick, I was a mess. While waiting to make travel plans to get home as soon as possible, I thought how can I help my mom through this difficult time. Knowing there would be many tough days ahead sitting around the hospital, I wanted to give her a project to distract and comfort her. ♥♥♥


It needed to be easy enough to put down and pick up, uplifting to knit and beautifully colored. I grabbed my mini skeins from my Row One subscription and started to fill in with my own scraps from previous projects. Soon I realized I had spent a whole afternoon winding off yarn and putting together two kits for us to knit together. The process was such a needed distraction.


Blended Love is a rectangular/parallelogram scarf or wrap knit from end to end on the bias that features the stitches from one of my favorite shawls- Blend on the Water. Relaxing slip stitches create the color transitions in this easy to knit design.


This wrap is designed to show off your lovely little bits of yarn, whether those are cute mini skeins, funky scraps or beautiful full skeins. Each color uses less than 10 grams of fingering weight yarn.

Blended Love can be modified wider, just add multiples of 5 sts to the repeat and don’t forget you will need more yardage for each color transition. Use any yarn, any gauge, any yardage you like - size is completely adjustable!

Blended Love

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