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There is no place I would rather be than in the water & catching a wave. 🌊 Surfing - no don’t be silly, I’m much too clumsy for that.


I’m talking about standing in the water as you feel a slow rocking, the pressure of the waves slowly pulling you closer to shore, then pushing you back out as you hear them crest over and crash back into the ocean. Watching their white caps cresting over and plunging back into the sparkling water as they move you about. Feeling the earth’s pull reminds me of the bigger things in life.


A simple and elegant design that comes from the concept of negative spaces created by the use of mohair and short row sections. This element captures the air and light between texture and produces a soft flowing design that lets light through. Relaxing stockinette sections help provide a simple backdrop for highlighting and creating drama.

Catch a Wave

SKU: 40
  • Be sure to check out the Ravelry project pages -- my testers made absolutely breathtaking versions of this shawl!

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