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Welcome to my Cocktail Party!!! 🍹 🍸 🍷 🥃
Stir, shake, tossed, swizzled, muddle, or simply on the rocks - you can mix up your own special drink-inspired wrap. Use your creativity and imagination to customize to your own liking. Want a thicker border, just add more chevron rows. Want to use more color, awesome use as many as you would like. Want to try a fade - that would look amazing! How about a skinny version for a scarf, just subtract by 20 sts. The shawl can also be sewn together at the neckline to form a poncho, or I used Maggiesnaps to temporarily secure the shawl into a poncho shape for my photos.


Cocktail Party’s stunning, texture-rich fabric is achieved by working a simple slip stitch pattern. A wonderful and delightfully simple pattern! You’ll have it memorized in no time.


Pick as many colors as you would like to use, or just use all your scraps and leave your tails as fringe along one side.


There are Kits too! Four Purls has put together some amazing combinations right HERE 🧶

Cocktail Party

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