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Two shawls- same stitch, your choice!


  • The Dippidy Doo shawl is a larger bold design concentrating on just the amazing stitch pattern and finished with fun tassels.
  • The Dippidy Doo Dah shawl is a smaller design with a combination of the amazing stitch paired with an easy lace border.


Both Dippidy Doo shawls are like a canvas ready to be splashed with your choice of colors! This simple dip stitch creates a fabric that is both bold and elegant. Fun to knit and great for a project on the go, or maybe as a sidekick to a mkal while waiting for your next clue.


Let your imagination run wild, because life is too short to blend in. Pick colors with a nice contrast or maybe even try a gradient colorway.

Dippidy Doo

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