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Engaging begins with a provisional cast-on and then dives into the fun to knit hemmed picot edge. From there you will begin to intermingle in a delicate lace pattern before relaxing into an ever-diminishing field of tiny little bobbles and can be replaced with beads if that is your jam. The generous yardage will result in a large off-center triangle shape with lots of drape and versatility to be styled in various ways.


This is a textured asymmetrical triangle shawl knitted from the bottom-up and showcasing an elegant lace edge that is engaging (but not too hard) to knit.


While I was in the middle of designing this new shawl -using what must be the most delicate color ever- Himalayan Salt (I mean every single time someone sees me knitting with it they rush to Four Purls or their LYS to buy it) I received the news that one of my favorite couples had just got ENGAGED!!!!


I knew this design had a few ideas that needed to be explored, so I grabbed the next perfect color I could think of Mint To Be and got to work.


SKU: 31
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