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A simple and elegant design that comes from the concept of negative spaces created by the use of mohair and short row sections. This element captures the air and light between texture and produces a soft flowing design that lets light through. Relaxing garter sections help provide a simple backdrop for highlighting and creating drama.


Shape: The construction of the shawl starts from the tip, increases at the beginning of each right-side row and has a built-in I-cord, resulting in an asymmetrical triangle.


This is a written pattern


Please note- Gauge is a funny thing! A few people have run short of the main color yarn if their gauge is off or they aren’t using the specified yarn. This pattern uses all 400 yards of the main color, so please buy extra if you’re concerned about gauge.


SKU: 25
  • Thank you to my amazing test knitters who not only killed it with their color combinations but also kept this a secret for sooo long!

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