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Freeze Frame was inspired by that one funky skein of multi-color yarn that you just had to have. Not knowing what it would become, but loving the colors, this yarn came home with you and now you're looking at it saying "what do I do with you?" Grab a complimentary solid yarn and watch how it frames the colorful yarn in this fun mosaic knitting pattern.


And if you didn't buy that fun, bright skein of yarn, grab a classic solid combination and see how elegant Freeze Frame looks. Then rush back to the store and get that funky color you really wanted!!


Are you ready to dive into colorwork knitting but feel a little intimidated by the techniques? Freeze Fram features a simple slip stitch pattern that involves working only one color per row!

This is a great pattern for a beginner who whats to try a new technique but is also a relaxing pattern for knitters of all levels.

Freeze Frame

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