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Introducing the “Sisterly Shawl – a heartfelt tribute to the unique and enduring bond between sisters.


In this enchanting shawl, each stitch, cable, and texture tells a story of connection and shared experiences. The colorful cables symbolize the unbreakable ties that bind sisters, while the varying textures mirror the ebb and flow of their relationship – a beautiful blend of strength, and resilience.


Designed for simplicity and ease, the Sisterly Shawl stitches and textures are relaxing to knit with easy stitches including slip stitches, and 1x1 cables that can be done without a cable needle, and only one color is used at a time.


After I read about what happened at Wool and Folk back in October, I thought hey, I can help. I happen to have a bunch of Seven Sisters Arts beautiful yarn, and Karen has always been so kind. While designing this I was thinking about how supportive the knitting community is, such a wonderful sisterhood.

Sisterly Shawl

SKU: 68
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