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Buffalo Check Bliss

Introducing the Buffalo Check Bliss Shawl! Fall vibes meet timeless style in this beautiful creation. The classic buffalo check pattern takes center stage, creating a chic and warm accessory for the season. Designed with simplicity in mind, this shawl is not only a breeze to knit but also promises a stunning and stylish shawl – because knitting should always be as fun as the finished piece! This shawl starts with the traditional knitting method for 10 rows then switches to the Slide and Turn method throughout ending at the final two rows. When you work the Buffalo Check Stitch Pattern, you either “slide” or “turn” the work at the end of each row. “Slide ” means to slide stitches to the right end of the circular needles. Without turning the work, start the new row as you normally would. “Turn“ means to flip the work around so the opposite side is facing you as in traditional knitting.

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"My patterns focus on bold designs and intoxicating colors. I like to combine colors and textures with inspiring construction methods to create vibrant, breathtaking, and captivating knitwear."

-Cally Monster


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