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Time to Bloom


🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️ 🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️ 🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️ 🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️

Spring is the best time of the year! The ground is waking up, flowers start to bloom and there is a fresh sweet scent in the air.

But this shawl was inspired by my own children and Emma & Aspen over at Emma’s Yarn. Watching them all chase their dreams, explore new pathways, finding success, building ideas into reality, and discovering what they enjoy most and what really makes them happy is so inspiring to watch. It really is their Time To Bloom!!!!

🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️ 🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️ 🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️ 🌺 💮 🌸 🏵️

"Monsterknits patterns focus on bold designs and intoxicating colors. I like to combine colors and textures with inspiring construction methods to create vibrant, breathtaking, and captivating knitwear."

-Cally Monster




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